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We originally started promoting online casinos in November of 1999. I saw a banner for a now defunct casino advertising $25 free. I clicked on the banner, saw the webmaster click here link, I clicked on it. I was amazed that I could earn a commission for promoting a casino. I remember thinking that they must earn a huge amount of money. I had a computer for all of 3 months and had no experience in designing websites. I didn't know what FTP was, or how to sign up for a webhost. I started the process and within 6 months I was promoting affiliate programs on a full time basis. I have no programming background, if I can do it, so can you. So can anyone.

Fast forward to the present day. We have the experience to direct our visitors to established casino affiliate programs that pay on time and that have a great player value with a high conversion rate. 

We are based in the Cayman Islands. Our affiliate income enables us to travel the world and earn money while sleeping. It's a great lifestyle and we hope that this website enables others to enjoy a similar life.

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