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Reward Affiliates  is a network featuring the following Microgaming casinos & prima powered poker rooms:



Poker Rooms:


What distinguishes Rewards Affiliates is the commission structure. Winnings do not affect you since you are paid on what is called a wager model. The payout on this model is 35%. The wager model is different, instead of being paid on player losses you are paid a percentage of each wager. On each game the house historically keeps a percentage of the wager, for example on a slot pull this could be 3%, you would then earn 35% of that 3%. It's somewhat similar to poker rake. The poker rooms pay 35% of the rake. While this may sound confusing, as affiliates we enjoy the fact that every month we earn money regardless of winners, and this is one of our top earning affiliate programs. Captain Cook's and Blackjack Ballroom are the two casinos to push.

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