Fortune Affiliates

Fortune Affiliates performs well. They have 11 microgaming powered casinos, and 2 prima powered poker rooms. The poker rooms convert and retain players far better than most other poker rooms that use this software. The casinos have an average conversion rate with a slightly above average player retention.

The commission starts at 25%, view the table below for more details.


Net Gaming Revenue Commission Tier:
1. $0 - $15,000 25%
2. $15,001 - $30,000 30%
3. $30,001 - $500,000 35%
3. +$500,001 40%


Net Gaming Revenue (Net Rake) Commission Tier:
1. $0 - $5000 25%
2. $5,001 - $10,000 30%
3. $10,000 or more 35%


Accurate tracking and high end marketing tools are provided. You can set up different campaigns to track the ROI of each campaign, which reduces any type of guesswork. The poker rooms offer unique features such as professional poker players which is nice to see. We recommend for poker you promote Royal Vegas Poker.

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