Methods of Promotion

  • In this industry PPC (pay per click) used to be king. Unfortunately promoting gambling websites on overture and google is no longer an option. You can still use second tier PPC search engines, but they receive considerably less traffic. It is often too expensive to bid on common terms such as 'casino' , affiliates are discovering it more lucrative to bid on terms that are less searched, which results in lower bids.

  • If you're patient you could always try the time tested method of SEO (search engine optimization) this method is free, but it may take months until you're listed high.  Do take into consideration that there is a lot of competition, and the odds of getting listed high are low. If you do get listed near the top for a gambling term the rewards will more than justify the time spent optimizing your website. 

  • In the past we've done some advertising in Hustler magazine and generated some positive results from this. This method may want to be avoided if you're located in the USA due to the uncertain legal climate. We do not recommend you advertise with Gambling Online Magazine, as the magazine is over saturated with ads. Magazine advertising should be kept outside of the USA.

  • Submit your website to the top directories. Our most recommended directories are Best of the web and dmoz. These 2 directories are considered authority website by google and its important to list yourself there for seo purposes. Dmoz is free to submit your website to but the odds of getting listed are low. Best of the web is the best but can be expensive.





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